Triple Shot: a bizarre war, a game of blackjack and poker

Triple Shot: a bizarre war, a game of blackjack and poker

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When I was an 18 year old boy, I could only go to local tribal casino to get my fix of blackjack. Unfortunately by the time I was about to play most of the tables were occupied and seats were hard to find. This has often caused me to wait like a nerd, or even go play video blackjack. One day, however, I came across an odd table game called Triple Shot, which remains one of the most bizarre blackjack games I’ve come across.

The rules

Triple Shot is a combination of three games in one: War, Blackjack and 6-Card Poker. You start by placing three bets on the table and the game begins. War is pretty standard. The high card wins and a tie causes you to lose half your stake. You are then dealt a second card and you play a hand of blackjack. The rules here are a bit more diverse, with one game in play, with the dealer hitting soft 17, double available on the first two cards, split only on Aces, no re-splits, and getting six cards counts automatically. as a winner (called 6 -Card Charlie). Controversially, the game pays only 6/5 in blackjack.

After the game of blackjack is over, you are dealt additional cards to get up to six cards. Here you take all six cards and make the best poker hand you can. The lowest paying hand is Queens or Better, with the following outcomes also paying: Two Pair, Three of a Kind, Straight, Flush, Full House, Four of a Kind, Straight Flush, and Royal Flush. Once this series is paid, the game is over and new bets are placed.


According to Wizard of Odds summary on the game, War has a 2.94% house advantage on Triple Shot. The game of blackjack sees a house edge of 1.84% and the game of poker has a house edge of 3.2%. Overall, the perk isn’t that bad, especially considering the 6/5 payouts (which is disappointing).

My opinion

I really enjoyed my experience with Triple Shot when it was offered at the casino. I should note that I was not a blackjack player like I am today, so I had no idea of ​​proper strategy, and the idea of ​​6/5 was not poison to me. Still, when you did manage to hit all three bets, the thrill was fantastic. Also, when you got a bum card in War and bounced around for blackjack and poker wins, it was just as fun.

I can’t say I would recommend this game to someone looking to get serious with their blackjack, but it’s a fun little game you can hang out with. Unfortunately, they no longer offer this game at my local tribal casino, and I haven’t seen it at the other casinos I have visited. If you know of a place that offers it, let me know in the comments below.

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