Are smoke-free casinos here to stay

Are smoke-free casinos here to stay

The following post, Are smoke-free casinos here to stay, consider the future of smoking in casinos. During the pandemic, the reopening of casinos turned many casinos into smoke-free casinos. The blessed casino trinity of gambling, smoking and drinking is in danger of losing smoking for good.

Are Smoke-Free Casinos the “New Normal”?

New England casinos are always smoke free. All five gambling halls in Massachusetts and Maine have historically been smoke-free due to state law. Why are smoke-free casinos so controversial?

Historically, casino operators have long resisted the indoor smoking ban, fearing to alienate a segment of players who prefer to light up while playing slots, blackjack or other games. But, after the effects of the pandemic and the casinos going smoke-free, the long debate over smoking in casinos seems to have reached a turning point.

Oxford Casino, Oxford, ME, Smoke Free Casino.

Looking back

The story of the game includes smoking a cigarette or cigar accompanied by an alcoholic drink. When non-smoking areas developed on casino floors, non-smoking areas underperformed quite dramatically.

But over the years, we need to understand the harms of second-hand smoke. Restrictions have emerged for the health and safety of casino staff, such as not smoking at tables, at the cashier and at the rewards desk. Clean Indoor Air Acts took care of restaurants, workplaces and some public places.

But the chance to socialize in the local game room with a group of friends, a cigar in one hand and a drink in the other, is always under attack. There are at least 783 state-regulated gambling establishments that must be 100% smoke-free indoors. For a complete list of Smoke-free casinos and gambling facilities in the United States, click here. In New England, Massachusetts and Maine are two of them.

Smoke-free areas in casinos don’t work very well

Non-smoking Tortoise Shell, Mohegan Sun, CT

Gaming operators, in an effort to address concerns about second-hand smoke, have long implemented measures to please everyone. But the problem with designated smoking areas, smokehouses and ventilation systems really doesn’t work as intended.

Bronson Frick, director of advocacy for non-profit American non-smoker rights groups and the American Foundation for Non-Smokers’ Rights, reportedly said: “[These efforts] don’t stop the smoke from spreading and none of these approaches address the health risk of second-hand smoke… ”

Slot machine influencers survey / Americans for non-smokers

But Brian Christopher, the founder of BC Locations, answers the answer to the question “do customers want to quit smoking?” is an unequivocal yes. As part of a joint project with the ANR, Christopher has developed a survey on what slot players think about the game.

The results of the survey include:

  • 70% of players admit they are bothered by smoking in casinos
  • 95% of respondents believe that smoking is a health hazard
  • 88% of smokers would choose a non-smoking casino over a smoking casino, provided there is an outdoor option, such as a smoking patio

Back to Christopher. Brian says the pandemic has forced casino operators to reassess their commitment to customer safety.

The installation of high-tech HVAC systems, air purifiers and masks is a welcome development.

Brian Christopher, the founder of BC Locations


It may not be the connection of COVID-19, smoking and gambling that is the concern. According to a new study by scientists at Stanford and Tufts universities published in the journal Environmental Research, each year, 50 million non-smoking casino customers and 400,000 non-smoking casino employees play with their lives in casinos that allow smoking. Less than 2 hours of exposure to second-hand smoke in half of the casinos surveyed, this was enough to interfere with the heart’s ability to pump blood, putting sensitive casino customers and workers at acute risk for heart disease.

The old days when a cloud and the smell of smoke permeated casinos might change. By this summer, we’ll know where it’s going.


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